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What is Aikido?

(Pronounced eye-key-doe) It is a Japanese martial art that is purely defensive. It focuses on harmony and blending with attacks and seeks resolution with as little harm as possible to all parties.

About Our Classes

We offer adult classes, ages 14 and older. You will be taught some basic techniques (joint locks, pins and throws) and basic falling (ukemi) so that you will be able to train safely.

Who is Aikido for

People of all ages and sizes, and all levels of physical fitness and athletic ability can train in Aikido. It does not require great physical strength. Give us a call or drop by to watch a class; visitors are always welcome.

What do I wear?

You won’t need a uniform (gi) for the first few classes, just some loose, comfortable clothing (such as sweatpants and a sturdy t-shirt). See the Classes section for the training schedule and contact us if you would like more information.