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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I learn Aikido

Aikido allows you to defend yourself against opponents of superior strength and size making it a perfect skill for self defense. Aikido is not a combative practice, but one that helps students to strive for calm under threatening circumstances so they can find another way out of the threatening situation.

Who can practice Aikido

People of all ages and sizes, and all levels of physical fitness and athletic ability can train in Aikido. It does not require great physical strength, however, we offer only adult classes for people 14 and older

What do I need in order to practice Aikido

Although you will be required to obtain certain gear if you decide to advance in Aikido, if you are just getting started all you need to bring to your first class is a good attitude, a pair of sweatpants, and a sturdy t-shirt.

How much does Aikido cost

At Aikido of Alaska, your first class is free! After that, it costs $50 a month for unlimited monthly attendance, and $20 of unlimited monthly attendance for Alaska Club members.

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